Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 101- Blog Award

I received this blog award from Lauren...THANKS SO MUCH!!! Her blog is so stinkin cute, you need to check her out!
I would like to pass this blog award to the following:

Agnes aka flowerdisco
Pam at Simply Pam

Now for 10 things that make me HAPPY
1. my family
2. my friends
3. planting flowers
4. papercrafting
5. going for car no where in particular.
6. chocolate
7. going scrap shopping
8. watching Disney movies with my girls.
9. making home made ice cream.
10. sleeping in.


flowerdisco said...

Congratulations and Thank You Amy Jo...this is so very nice of you thinking of all of us. It looks really nice on your blog too.
I will take it this week and post it on my blog.

Nisson Family said...

Thanks Amy!!!