Friday, September 30, 2011

Provo Craft banner contest

"WOW" was all I could say, when they posted my banner on Cricut's FB page as a winning banner. I remember I had to refresh a couple times just to be sure I was seeing the right thing. It wasn't until I actually saw my name that it really sunk in. I remember calling my mom and asking her if she'd seen that Jinger had shown this banner on tv...she was channel surfing and said that she missed it. So we hung up and I went back to stalking Cricut's FB page and that's when I saw my banner posted on the page...wait...what?!?...Oh my gosh!!! Since Monday sfternoon, I've come down off my "E2 win high" and I am now impaitently waiting to get it in the mail. There were so many teriffic banners, from what I could see on Cricut's blog and that were shown on HSN during the airings. Making these banners was fun. Thank you Provo Craft:-)


MulticrafterAmy said...

Your banner was my favorite of the ones shown. :) Congrats!

Anonymous said...

That was a fun time and congrats on winning, you'll have to let me know when it arrives how you like it, guess I'll have to buy mine ;) thanks for leaving all those comments on my blog, your a sweetheart!