Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A nice surprise...

I received this award from kaleidoscopecreations...THANKS TAM!
7 things about me...
I am a Capricorn.
I like to crack my knuckles.
I tend to do only one task at a time until it's finished before starting anything new.
I am a gum chewer...Trident is my fave.
I played 4 years of high school softball and 4 years of summer league.
I am a big Penn State Fan!!
I love watching baseball...Atlanta Braves are my fave.


Crop Divas Destination said...

Congratulations fellow Pink Designer. It is so nice when you are recognized. I love your blog. Even though your blog is new I can tell we are in for some great projects in the future. I will be follower #54. I look forward to getting to know you better.


flowerdisco said...

Hi Amy...I did not have time before to introduce myself. I want to say Congratulations and click to follow you. :) I am very excited about the DT. Hugs!